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WR School

We believe that play and creativity are necessary ingredients for a healthy childhood. We nurture wonder!
896 Saratoga Road (Route 50)
Ballston Lake, NY 12019
Hours Vary by Season
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896 Saratoga Road (Rte. 50), Ballston Lake, NY 12019
Phone: 518-602-0237
At the intersection of  Route 146-A and Route 50 in Ballston Lake, NY.
Meet the Educators
Chris Stack
Owner, Education Director, Teacher
Lauren Cohen
Creative Director, Teacher
MS, Special Education, 
College of St. Rose
NYS Certified Teacher

I want to create an environment that inspires conversation among parents and children. We want to challenge visitors and encourage further exploration and ongoing learning.
MA, Secondary Social Studies, Teacher's College, Columbia University

Knowledge grows. When children have the time and space to explore and make discoveries about interesting objects and ideas, they incorporate new learning with old.
Our Story
The Wonder Room has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.  I love creating the spaces and activities that engage children in learning.  I love watching the children experiment with materials and observing the pride they express when they accomplish or learn something new.  

I started teaching in 1988 in an elementary classroom and soon moved to a preschool program.  I have worked in private and public preschools, as an Early Intervention Specialist for the NYS DOH Early Intervention Program, as a Child Development Specialist for a local Head Start program, as the Education Director at a local Children's Museum, I've conducted workshops for other early childhood educators and daycare providers, as well as written 14 resource books for early childhood educators.

My experience is varied and I continue to keep in touch with the latest information in the field, as I know I can always learn something new.  This is the message that I want to instill in all of my students - a love of learning that is never outgrown.  I'm a person that needs to see it, feel it, and experience it to make it meaningful and therefore memorable.  I believe that is what children need too.

Lauren and I met in 2000, when our two oldest boys were just 3 yrs old and attending preschool together.  We have worked together through the years on an elementary school playground committee and as colleagues at a local children's museum.

We have found that our experiences and interests complement each other and make for a strong working relationship and teaching team.  After much planning and construction, we started The Wonder Room together in February 2012.

Mary joined our teaching team in Fall 2018.  Her experience as an educator, mom, and grandma has added a new perspective and fresh ideas to our classroom community.
written by Ms. Chris 

Our Space 
We have transformed a small home into a series of 4 interconnected rooms full of activities, supplies, toys, and materials that are interesting and engaging.

As you enter the building, there is a grouping of different tables and sensory bins that invite the children to experience their surroundings with their senses....manipulating play dough, sorting small objects, completing puzzles, scooping and filling dry pasta, shaking discovery bottles, exploring the contents of the discovery tub, and getting an up close view of natural objects are often found in this space.

The next two rooms have a flannel board, a variety of blocks for building, musical instruments, puppets, dramatic play elements and toys that allow children to make up stories, play scenarios, and make believe.   

Creative Art Room
Our fourth room is our art studio especially for children. Children can explore materials and medium, as well as various art supplies in their own way.  We love to see what they create!

Our Outside Play Space
We offer many constructive play opportunities in our fully fenced in outside play space.  There is a rock garden, a large sandbox with a "mud" kitchen, 2 large easels, water tables, and a large building structure (which children can imagine to be a house, spaceship, boat with portholes, tent, clubhouse, ice cream shop, fairytale house....the possibilities are numerous!).  We have balls and ramps for exploring engineering properties, and chalk for decorating our sidewalk.  There are picnic tables to enjoy a snack. 

Mary Stengel

​BA, Early Childhood Education / Early Childhood
Special Education

As an early childhood educator, I want to create a safe and happy environment where children feel comfortable to learn, play and try new things