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We believe that play and creativity are necessary ingredients for a healthy childhood. We nurture wonder!
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Are you considering an early childhood program that extends social experiences and encourages development?

Did you know that we offer a drop-off program for children 3 -6 years old?

It begins in September!

A unique nursery/preschool experience that offers a gentle transition from home to school.

It is provided in a home-like setting.

It is educator facilitated and child initiated.

We Play and Wonder Together!
Children play. Adults play.  It is how we learn!  Can you remember getting a new phone, toy or tool, or being introduced to a new food to cook with?  Did you read the instructions from front to back or did you "play with it" - manipulate, try different buttons, mix different combinations of foods, and explore it, learning as you went along.  Can you imagine trying to teach a baby to walk or talk by only using one prescribed method?  Babies try, they make adjustments, we encourage and provide healthy nurturing environments, we babble back at them, and eventually they grasp the tasks and knowledge.

Play is how we practice new skills, take risks, investigate new ideas and add new information to old knowledge.  It is natural and memorable. Playing in a mixed - age group allows opportunities for social and emotional development that is necessary for a transition to a more formal educational experience.

Table Time, Learning Centers, and Circle Time
Art - Science - Math - Imaginative Play - Games
We carefully arrange interesting objects, props, representational materials and activities each time in order to actively engage children in learning.  This allows children with distinctive styles and strengths to participate in different ways.  We use illustrations and concepts presented in books to inspire our scientific and artistic experiences.  We spend time listening and talking, showing appreciation and honoring each child.

The Basics:
* Serving children 
         3 to 5 years old - morning session  

* Mixed-age grouping - allows children of various ages and 
developmental levels to function and learn well together

* Small class size - up to 12 children with 2 educators - allows for the time 
and space young children need to develop

* Options 
 Mornings 2020-2021 (9:00 - 11:45) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - general themes  - Our morning session creates a bridge between your family and the world.  It may be a first foray into the world beyond the family.  Our warm and nurturing environment will support this important step.  Our environment inspires interactions between teachers, peers and varied materials.  Science and math concepts are investigated daily in the context of the seasons, our interests and the books we are reading.  The classroom community that develops offers young children, along with their teachers, the chance to work, grow and learn together. Additional experiences included: yoga, cooking, and field trips.

* Themed, experiental, inquiry based curriculum

* Literature-rich environment

* Daily opportunities for scientific and mathematical experimentation 

* Emphasis on social skills and community building

* Home-like atmosphere

*Portfolio assessment

* Experienced Educators

For more information please visit us or e-mail us at thewonderroomny@gmail.com
Plan to drop-in during our regular Drop In hours or make an appointment to visit after hours.


September 2020 - June 2021 Morning Session - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 3 days per week - $2,250 full program year
Registration - $30 (non-refundable)
Families in our program receive a Reduced Rate for One Year Family Membership (50% off)

We offer a 10% sibling discount (second child).
We offer a 10% military discount.


"We love preschool at the wonder room!  Chris and Lauren are wonderful educators.  They are warm, patient, and so creative! We love their dedication to keeping play in preschool.  my daughters transitioned beautifully to kindergarten after 2 years at the wonder room, our 3 year old loves going now, and we look forward to sending our youngest in the future.  Highly recommend checking them out!   AB

"Warm, small, whole-child development program with excellent educators and engaging setting/ environment. Great (child to teacher) ratio, very home-like - A place full of heart!"  ER and JR

"I liked the collaboration effort with parent, teacher and student.  The teachers were always there to listen to the concerns of the parents and provide feedback."  AF

"A happy kid who looks forward to preschool everyday.  I love the environment, the teachers, and the class size.  We love seeing (our daughter's) craft projects and knowing what she's working on each month - love the newsletter." JV

" Parent- teacher conference included a great book with thoughtful observations, photos and work samples." MM

"Warm, friendly, safe, clean environment - very age appropriate." CH

"Wonder Room is our favorite place to learn and play." JV

"I really believe that you put so much thought into the activities and play that the children participate in.  You and Lauren really cared about (my daughter)."  TS

"I would not change a thing. I can't tell you how pleased we were with the program.  The staff was very caring and provided ongoing feedback and communication regarding the program as well as developmental feedback."  AF

"Being home with a newborn, I knew I was going to miss a lot of (my daughter's) school year, but the teachers made an extra effort to keep me informed through email and video.  Who honestly would do that? probably only The Wonder Room!" JV

"I feel comfortable expressing concern. I am comfortable e-mailing or talking face to face with Chris and Lauren." JB

" The Wonder Room has a great mix of activities, a great ratio of free play to group activity, and a great group of kids.  Best of all, though, the teachers: perceptive, flexible, and nurturing." MM

"It's been a wonderful journey these past few years. We will be sure to stop in from time to time.  We'll miss you.  And thanks again for all you and Chris have done for our girls.  We made the right preschool choice."  HJ