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We believe that play and creativity are necessary ingredients for a healthy childhood. We nurture wonder!
896 Saratoga Road (Route 50)
Ballston Lake, NY 12019
The Wonder Room Services
Drop-In Play (with an accompanying adult)
Check our home page for current hours.  Open to the public.

Pay by the visit or become a member.  Ask about our frequent visitor program. Pay for 7 visits earn the 8th visit for FREE.
At The Wonder Room, we provide a family-friendly environment with high quality customer service dedicated to nurturing the wonder in young children through creative art, cooking and play.

​Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult (at least 18 years old) at all times.

Our programs are best suited for children over 2 years old.  Younger children are welcome.  We do have small objects out in our centers and close supervision is necessary at all times. 

We do not allow pets or smoking on the property.
Toy Lending Center
Members enjoy the benefits of borrowing from a room full of hundreds of toys, games, book bags, manipulatives, puzzles, educational items and resource books.  The items include both store bought, teacher-made, and exclusive Wonder Room products.  Utilizing a toy lending center saves you money and storage space, while nurturing a sense of conservation and spirit of sharing in your children. 
Professional Development Workshops 
Informational Talks
For Early Childhood Educators, Parents and others interested in the education of young children.  

Professional Development Workshops
Contact us to schedule a private class for your group of educators.  
Minimun group size is 8 adults. 
Length: 1 1/2 hours
Fee: $45 per participant at The Wonder Room/ $55 per participant at your site
This service is available in Saratoga County.  Travel fee will be added outside the area.

Choose a Topic: 
Math and Science for Young Children:  Participants will discover how to create skill-based math and science activities for children age 2-6.  We'll explore how to engage young children in the development of math and science concepts and vocabulary through hands-on activities that use dough, exploration tubs, charts and graphs, and manipulative.  Participants will walk away with ideas that promote an understanding of time, patterns, sequencing and more.

Exploring Art with Young Children: How do we encourage and nurture the artist in each young child?  Primary art includes exploration of line, shape, space, perspective as well as practice with perseverance, risk-taking and trial and error.  Gather ideas for open-ended, process-oriented art activities  Discover activities that foster the development of self-expression, understanding of concepts, fine motor skills and the creative and practical uses of a variety of materials and tools.

Extending Children's Literature Across the Curriculum:  This workshop will explore the many ways that children's literature can be incorporated into every learning center.  Both fiction and non-fiction texts provide a wealth of opportunity for individual and group investigation.  This workshop will also explore several skill-based ideas and activities around both classic and modern storybooks.  Participants will have the opportunity to make and take home several of the ideas.

Using Blocks Leads to Learning:  Children use block play of all kinds to develop gross and fine motor skills as well as to expand social-emotional capabilities.  we'll explore how using a variety of blocks throughout your curriculum can lead to great discoveries and growth for children of all ages.  Enhance your block play with sets of props and prompts that encourage experimentation, develop make believe play, nurture social interactions and allow for creativity to bloom.  We'll discuss how when you document children's block play, it provides insights into the child's thought process and the development of patterns of growth and exploration over time.  You'll have time to create some props for your own program.

Quotes from participants of our training:
"good speakers"
"I'd be interested in anything these ladies present"
"There were lots of examples that they use everyday.  It broke everything down and simplified it all.  Best math and science training I've been a part of."
"Has made 'teaching' it (math/ science) much easier.
"Please come back!"
"Great ideas on math and science activities for young children using materials that are affordable and easy to find.  Loved how excited the teaching staff was while exploring the materials, lessons, and talking with each other about this training!"

Informational Talks
For Parents, grandparents, caregivers of young children
​Contact us to schedule a private talk for your group of friends, moms club, parent group, or play/story group
Maximum group size is 10 adults
Length 30 - 45 minutes
Fee: $50 per session (rate will vary if travel is required outside our area or for larger groups)

How Do Babies / Toddlers Learn Through Play
Do you wonder how to support your baby's development?Play is how your baby learns.  join us for this workshop and get some questions answered, and lots ideas for supporting your child's natural curiosity about the world.  We'll discuss the importance of incorporating books, language and music into baby play.  We will use everyday items and opportunities as tools for learning through play.

Choosing Toys with High Play Value (can be adapted for parents of different age groups i.e. 9months - 4yrs or 4yrs - 8 yrs)
As the holiday season approaches, you may wonder how to choose the best toys.  We'll share some tips for selecting toys and materials that nurture wonder.  Which ones will be used the most as your child grows?  Also, how can you extend play with toys that you already own?  Go home with ideas that will have your child engaged in learning day after day and for years to come.

How Do I Set Up My Home for Fun, Learning and My Own Sanity?
Let's face it -  kids come with a lot of stuff!  Their clothes, toys, equipment, papers and projects need to find a place in the home environment.  Your stress level and productivity are dependent on a functional space and a solid routine. We'll share some tips and tricks that will help you to think about ways to get it all under control.

How to Choose a Preschool
Will you be looking for a preschool program in the next year?  Join us for an informal conversation about the various considerations that families make as they are exploring preschool programs.  We will cover the people, the program and the place.  You will walk away with information and a checklist that will help you find the "right fit" for your family.

Reading with Pre-readers
All the data suggests that reading to children is necessary to create strong readers.  Why? What about squirmy kids who don't sit still? What about books that get stepped on and torn?  How do I choose books for my kids?  How do I avoid reading the same books over and over until I have them memorized and can read them in my sleep?  We'll give you a ton of ideas that will make you eager for  a trip to the library!

Wonder Room
We provide exclusive access to our space for groups seeking private use of the facility during closed hours.  Adult supervision is required for all programs.

Birthday Celebration 
(ages 2- 5) 
$100 for up to 10 children (max. 15) 
$5 for each additional child 
2 hours
An additional 30 minutes for $25
Access to all the toys, activities and craft materials out on the day of your gathering.
You bring your own refreshments and decorations. 

Craft Station Add-On
$5 per child
During your Birthday Party, we'll set up a craft station for guests 
to enjoy at their leisure.  
Options:​ Fun with Beads, Paint on Canvas (tote or board), or Decorate a Frame, 
Outreach Programs
Bring a little wonder to your room!

For children 5 -9
Ideal for libraries, scouts, school enrichment, homeschool groups
Length: 1 hr
Group size: maximum 15
Fee: $125
Email us questions and availability - thewonderrroomny@gmail.com

Choose a program:
Beneath the Bark: A Celebration of Trees: Join us to listen to a story and create tree related artwork.  This station-based program explores one of our most wonderful natural resources.  Participants will make discoveries about the parts of a tree, the value of trees and the history of the 1st Arbor Day.  The group will create a forest scene together.

Building A Village of Heroes : Community helpers are our community heroes.  Join us to listen to a story, then create a large 3D map of our village of Heroes.  We need your help making buildings and landscape.  Each participant will bring home a hero puppet and a building.

Building Bridges: Calling all junior bridge engineers! Join us to listen to stories about bridges and then practice designing your own bridges with a variety of materials. We'll test out our bridges for strength.  How much weight can they bear?

Birds: Learn a bit about our fine feathered friends. Why do they have different beaks?  How are birds beneficial to humans and other creatures?  Help us create a a bird habitat.  Each child brings home a small bird feeder and puppet. 

Classic Stories - Small World Play  This station based program explores the engineering behind classic stories.  We'll play with recyclables and other building materials to retell classic stories - such as the 3 Little Pigs or Goldilocks and The 3 Bears.  We'll craft our own stories and props and expand our imagination and creativity.

Creative Art Program: We will work with you to create an art experience.  Choose from painting, hand-sewing, artist/illustrator inspired or custom made craft.

" Our library kids greatly enjoyed the Building Bridges program.  Your presentation was well thought out and organized, had excellent flow, and was filled with appealing experiences that promoted critical thinking.  Your enthusiasm for the topic was contagious and you had excellent rapport with the participants."  Clifton Park - Half-moon Public Library  - program for grades entering 1st - 5th.
Thoughtful Play Spaces
Creating  a little Wonder in your own home, school or day care!

We provide a consultation service to inspire imaginative thinking and creativity in any environment.  The accumulation of toys/materials can be overwhelming and impact the quality of play.  The Wonder Room educators will come to you and help you evaluate and best organize a play/learning area to meet your children's interests/ age level in order to nurture a sense of wonder and exploration.  We specialize in play areas designed for children up to about age six.

Consultation at your home or site includes the following:
Initial visit: plan survey and assessment of the play/learning space, development of a plan together with you to create the space; 

Follow-up visit: tips and suggestions in the following areas:
  • toy selection based on age, developmental stage, child interests
  • room arrangement and de-cluttering
  • general storage and furniture ideas
  • using the space
  • keeping it clean and organized

Fee for consultation: $250 members/ $350 non-members
Visits after the follow-up visit are available for $60 per hour

You are just a e-mail away from creating your own Thoughtful Play Space.

This service is available in Ballston Lake, Burnt Hills, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa and Saratoga Springs area. 

*Note:  We are educators, not contractors.  This is a consultation service. Any painting, assembling, or construction is the client's responsibility.